The co-op/internship experiences are an extremely valuable part of the PGM Program. The faculty and staff work closely with you to select the best opportunity available so you can gain hands-on experience through paid internships at some of the best golf facilities in the United States, including more than 8,000 PGA facilities. Historically, there are a vast number of opportunities that exist throughout the country and in all areas of the golfing industry. You will complete a total of five internships in order to fulfill the program's sixteen months of internship experience requirement.

The internship program provides an excellent opportunity to network with members of the PGA of America. In addition to “green grass” facilities, internship opportunities are available in tournament operations, sales and marketing within the industry, and with the PGA Tour and other organizations.

Internship Request

If you are a PGA Professional and wish to participate, please complete an Internship Request Form.

Internship Map

Where can you go during your internship experiences with PGM?