Student Rating Teacher Effectiveness (SRTE)

RPTM Policy (Updated 8/21/08)

SRTE(s) are administered every semester in all courses taught by RPTM faculty and instructors. Policy HR-23 requires that the evaluation of teaching effectiveness for purposes of promotion and tenure be based on both peer and student input. The SRTE survey consists of three sets of questions-a University core, a departmental core, and individual faculty items rating the quality of the course and the quality of the instructor. The SRTE survey may be supplemented by other forms of student evaluation at the discretion of the faculty of the unit.

RPTM Staff Responsibilities

  • Coordinate the administration of SRTE(s) for all RPTM courses
  • Compile written student comments
  • Process SRTE computer sheets to the College
  • Receive computer generated results from the College
  • Enter the overall quality of instructor and course in faculty mean spreadsheet
  • Compile computer generated results and student comments (1 set to teaching faculty/ instructor identified on the results and 1 set to department head)
  • Retrieve grade reports for each course and save information

RPTM Graduate Student Responsibilities

  • Graduate students will administer SRTEs for all RPTM classes

Professor in Charge of Undergraduate Studies Responsibilities

In classes that have 30+ students enrolled a representative group of 30 comments are to be selected

  • Conduct a review of adjunct faculty SRTE comments and computer generated results
  • Meet with Department Head on any adjunct faculty results that are of concern

Administrative Assistant Responsibilities

  • Retain information on faculty and instructor for yearly evaluations with department head

Department Head Responsibilities

  • Review all faculty evaluations
  • Meet with any faculty member whose course and/ or instructor score reflects areas of concern

Results of the SRTE surveys shall belong to the faculty of the unit which administers them, not to the individual faculty member who was rated. Results shall be returned to the department head for inclusion in tenure and promotion dossiers. The faculty member shall be furnished with a copy of all survey results.