Graduate Faculty

Albert Bartlett

Ph.D. (Penn State)

Research foci: job satisfaction, job design, multiculturalism.

Peter Bordi

Ph.D. (Penn State)

Research foci: new product development

Phil Jolly

Ph. D (University of Houston)

Research foci: diversity and inclusion in organizations, compensation and benefits, leadership

Seoki Lee

Ph.D. (Penn State)

Research foci: corporate social responsibility, internationalization, financial distress and equity valuation.

Anna Mattila

Ph.D. (Cornell)

Research foci: service encounters, service recovery, customer emotions, servicescape, cross-cultural research

Daniel Mount

Ph.D. (U.S. International)

Research focus: service recovery, service quality

Breffni Noone

Ph.D. (Cornell)

Research foci: services operations management, revenue management, consumer behavior, customer satisfaction.

John O'Neill

Ph.D. (Rhode Island)

Research foci: strategic management, real estate, asset management and branding.

Donna Quadri-Felitti

Ph.D. (Iowa State University)

Research foci: consumer experiences, boutique hotels, destination marketing, digital marketing

Amit Sharma

Ph.D. (VA Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Research foci: corporate finance, investments, interaction of finance and microeconomics.

Michael Tews

Ph.D. (Cornell)

Research foci: employee selection, training, and retention.

Hubert B. Van Hoof

Ph.D. (Arizona State University)

Research foci: hospitality management education, international education, public policy issues in tourism and recreation.