Publications: Olaf Hermans

Conference publications

Hermans, O. and Van Ravesteijn, C. (2011). Informational empowerment: Customer dialogue technology and service employees. In proceedings of the 12th International Research

Symposium on Service Excellence in Management (QUIS12), Ithaca-NY, USA, 2-5 June 2011.
Hermans, O., Van Ravesteijn, C., Urdang, B., and Van Lith, D. (2011). Managing privacy in an enhanced guest dialogue setting. In proceedings of the I-CHLAR Conference, Lyon, France, 7-8 July 2011.

Hermans, O. (2011). Customer relationship management (CRM) in hospitality: Adding a relationship dimension to a relational service. In published poster sessions of the 16th Graduate Education and Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism, Houston, USA, 6-8 January 2011.

Hermans, O., Talonen, J., Krakhmal, V., and Van der Vleuten, M. (2009). Integrated guest profitability management: Customer relationship management, revenue management and customer profitability analysis. In proceedings of the 27th EuroChrie Conference, Helsinki, Finland,22-24 October 2009.

Hermans, O., Melissen, F., and Van Agteren, R. (2009). Customer relationship management & performance management: Exploring an actionable link in hospitality. In proceedings of the I-CHLAR Conference, The Hague, The Netherlands, 16-17 July 2009.

Hermans, O. and Melissen, F. (2008). Introducing the CRM-7-18 model. Analysing the need for and introducing a framework for phased design and implementation of guest relationship programs. In proceedings of the 26th EuroChrie Conference, Dubai, UAE, 11-14 October 2008.

Book chapter submissions

Hermans, O. (2011). Strategic fit and scope of customer relationship management in hospitality organizations. In Pantelidis, I., editor, Handbook of Hospitality Management: Current Strategic Issues. Routledge, London, England.

Hermans, O. (2011). Customer relationship management in hospitality. In Wood, R. C., editor, Key Concepts in Hospitality. Sage Publications.

Student textbook

Hermans, O. and Mount, D. (2010). Customer Relationship Management in Hospitality. A theoretical introduction & Guidelines for applying the CRM-7-18 model. NHTV Expertise Series Nr 9. NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Breda, The Netherlands.

Journal publication

Hermans, O., Mutsaerts, H., and Olyslager, L. (2009). Guest relationship management principles as a reference point for building your brand : The case of a hospitality group's brand building process. Tourismos: an International Multidisciplinary Journal of Tourism, 4(3):15-34.