Publications: Kiwon Lee

Publication Submissions, Kiwon Lee

Lee, Kiwon; Yoon, Jihyun; Shim, Jae Eun. (2008). Status of children's breakfast skipping and their mothers' needs for breakfast service at child care centers. Korean Journal of the Community Nutrition 13(5):682-692. * Best paper award*

Shim, Jae Eun; Yoon, Jihyun; Lee, Kiwon; Kwon, Sooyoun. (2009). Evaluation of dietary intake of Korean school-aged children from low-income families by comparing with the Korean food guide: Analysis of the data from the 2001 National Health and Nutrition Survey. Korean Journal of Nutrition 42(8):1-11.

Kwon, Sooyoun; Lee, Kiwon; Yoon, Jihyun. (2010). Diet of children under the government-funded meal support program in Korea. Nutrition Research and Practice 4(6):515-521.

Conference Presentations

Evaluation of diet intake of children from low-income families under the government-funded meal support program in Korea: Comparison according to meal support method during summer vacation - poster, Graduate Conference 2010 Washington DC