Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management (HM) program helps prepare students for management careers in hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos, convention centers, health care and corporate dining facilities, educational institutions, and other commercial and non-commercial settings. Students gain a general education background, take courses in HM and related areas and earn 1,000 hours of work experience.

The major offers two options to accommodate students’ individual career interests:

Hospitality Management option

The Hospitality Management option helps prepare students for management positions in any segment of the hospitality industry and is tailored to each student’s need and interests.

All students will gain the analytical, interpersonal, and organizational skills they will need in order to become successful hospitality professionals. They can also choose courses that will allow them to continue pursuing a general emphasis in hospitality, or they may choose a sequence of courses that offer a specific emphasis in restaurant management, hotel management, or institutional management. Students may also pursue a concentration in areas such as financial management, human resource management, marketing, or hospitality management information systems.

Management Dietetics option

The Management Dietetics option helps prepare students for management positions within the foodservice operations run by or for medical organizations, health care facilities, retirement communities, nursing homes, colleges, government agencies, schools, and community programs. Graduates also may pursue management careers in commercial foodservice settings such as restaurants, lodging operations, and food distributors. The management dietetics option is also available to students interested in becoming registered dietitians.

For more information, visit the University Bulletin or contact Albert Bartlett (, professor-in-charge of the Undergraduate Study in HM, or contact:

School of Hospitality Management
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