Diversity Enhancement

About Our Office

The goal of the college's office of minority programs is the promotion and enhancement of the diversity of the college's student body, both undergraduates and graduate students. The staff of the office assists with recruitment and retention of students from the racial/ethnic groups that are underrepresented in our majors and in the occupations that promote human health, development and well being. The staff also is involved with activities that promote diversity in the college as a whole. A unit of the college dean's office, the office of minority programs is one of three components of the college's Student Services Center, which also includes the undergraduate advising center and student records.

The college actively solicits input from students via the Dean's Student Advisory Committee on Minority Affairs. The committee consists of students, both undergraduate and graduate, who work with the Dean to promote a positive learning environment for students in our college.

Diversity Enhancement Programs
5 Henderson Building

Our Staff

Joyce Hopson-King, Director

Ro Nwranski, Academic Adviser

Summer Programs

Currently, the summer program is the MARC/COR Summer Research Internship for college students. This program offers students and teachers the opportunity to learn how to conduct research projects under the tutelage of faculty members in our college. Participants in this program receive a stipend or a salary plus free room and board.


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