Campus Advising Notes Related to Kinesiology’s Physical and Health Education Teacher Education (PHETE) Option

1. Entrance to PHETE Option Requirements

  1. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  2. 48 credits minimum.
  3. Grade of C or higher in KINES 141, KINES 180, KINES 295A, EDTHP 115 (or 115A), and EDPSY 014.
  4. Completion of ENGL 015, a literature course from the approved list ), and 6 credits of general quantification (GQ).
  5. Passing scores on the Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) for reading, math, and writing. These tests are part of the Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT) which are delivered by Pearson Education, Inc.
  6. Documented evidence of 80 hours of paid or volunteer work in a setting with children in grades K-12. At least 40 of these 80 hours must be with learners whose cultural, social, or ethnic backgrounds differ from the candidate's own.
  7. Approval of the PHETE Entrance-to-Option Coordinator.


  • Students should enter the PHETE Option after their 4th semester.
  • Students who plan to take Block 1 need to be in the PHETE Option prior to entering Block 1.
  • KINES 141, 180 and 295A are part of the PHETE Entrance-to-Option (ETO) requirements as noted above. If these courses are not offered at your campus, your students will need to relocate early to University Park to take them.
  • Effective Fall 2014, KINES 295A at University Park will only be offered during FALL semesters. Because of this recent change, consideration will be given to students in taking KINES 295A concurrently with Block 1 if all other ETO requirements have been met.
  • Students will need clearances to participate in KINES 295A, and must plan to get all clearances done and submitted to the undergraduate KINES office before the course begins. See Clearances Required for All Field Experiences .
  • It is NOT necessary to have completed all Entrance to PHETE Option requirements prior to requesting a change-of-campus.
  • C I 280 and KINES 400 have been approved for the 2009+ program year. C I 280 and KINES 400 are part of an enhancement to special populations and English as a second language learners required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. C I 280 has been approved to double count for GH.
  • Using the Target GPA feature on eLion, determine if the minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA is realistically attainable based on the student's academic record.

2. Process for Entrance into the PHETE Option

Students who are prompted to confirm their major preference on eLion (typically at the start of their 4th semester) should indicate KINES-PHETE as their preferred major ONLY if they have all of the requirements listed in #1 above met or in progress that spring. Otherwise, their entrance into the PHETE Option will be denied by e-Lion, and they may default to the 2nd or 3rd major preference selected on e-Lion.

If a student does not have the requirements met or in progress, they may select KINES-MOVSC on e-Lion as their preferred major, and then enter into the PHETE option at a later date once they have met all requirements.

3. Block Scheduling

The PHETE Option utilizes “Block Scheduling”. The courses that make up each block are designed to be taken concurrently and the blocks must be kept intact for the curriculum to work properly and for students to maintain normal progress toward graduation. For example, Block 1 courses (KINES 261, 262, 264, 266, and 268) must be taken concurrently; they cannot be dispersed randomly in different semesters.

Blocks 1, 2, 3, and 4 are designed to follow in sequence for 4 semesters.

Block 1 (junior fall): KINES 261, 262, 264, 266, 268 (5 credits)
Block 2: (junior spring): KINES 362, 364, 366, 400 (6-9 credits)
Block 3: (senior fall): KINES 395A, 464, 466, 468, 469W (12 credits)
Block 4: (senior spring): KINES 495A (12 credits) Please note: NO other courses can be scheduled with KINES 495A.

With the exception of Block 4, students may enroll in other courses during their block semesters.


  • As soon as PHETE is identified as a goal, students should map out a graduation plan to ensure that they are not going to end up with courses that conflict with any of the block courses; that they will have all 4 blocks in consecutive semesters; that all their PHETE option courses are planned out in semesters prior to their student teaching (KINES 495A) semester; and that there are no other classes within the semester KINES 495A is planned.
  • An approved graduation plan must be on file with the Kinesiology Advising Center in order for students to be approved for Block 1 and for student teaching (KINES 495A). Students apply for student teaching one year before the semester during which they will student teach. They can use these resources to map out their remaining requirements and the semesters during which they will complete the remaining requirements.

Using the current Schedule of Courses, students will be able to speculate when courses will be offered in future semesters. For example Spring 2014 gives an idea of what will be offered and when for Spring 2015, Spring 2016, and so on. Fall 2014 gives an idea of what will be offered and when for Fall 2015, Fall 2016, and so on.

4. Relocating to University Park

It is NOT necessary to have completed all Entrance to PHETE Option requirements prior to requesting a change of campus.


  • Change of campus to University Park should be initiated following the procedure at your campus.
  • An individualized graduation plan will clearly demonstrate when a student should be relocating to University Park in order to maintain normal progress toward graduation. (See #3 above.)
  • Registration for classes at University Park occurs earlier than at most campuses. The earlier the student submits their request for a change of campus in the semester prior to coming to University Park, the greater the chance the student can register in a timely manner for courses at University Park.
  • Students located at campuses that don't offer KINES 141, KINES 180, and KINES 295A will need to request an early Change of Campus to University Park.


Students interested in PHETE, must complete KINES 295A and not C I 295. Hours completed in C I 295 will not count toward entrance requirements or graduation requirements.

6. Questions?

On behalf of your advisee, please contact the Department of Kinesiology Advising Center at University Park with questions. It is important that we talk directly with campus advisers so that the information we share can be passed along to your other students. The Department of Kinesiology Advising Center at University Park can be reached at 814-863-4493.