Schedule an Appointment with Your Adviser

To schedule an appointment with your adviser please find their name in LionPATH (Main Menu > Self Service > Student Center – then look for the “Advisor” box.) and select the department from the drop-down menu for preferred method.

Whether or not your department adviser uses Starfish to schedule appointments, please be sure to log into this new communication system. In addition to advisers, instructors may use Starfish to communicate important information. Once you’re logged in, visit the Success Network.

View “My Success Network” to see contact information for your advisers and instructors. If your adviser is using Starfish to schedule appointments, you’ll see a “Schedule Appointment” link as part of their contact information in My Success Network:


starfish loginSelect the department link below to visit the Starfish login page:

Call for Appointments

Human Development and Family Studies

Call the main HDFS department number 814-863-8000.