Get Involved

The Women’s Leadership Initiative welcomes your participation
and support at every level.


  • Mentor a WLI student
  • Share your expertise and experiences by speaking at a WLI workshop or participating in a panel discussion
  • Broaden the WLI network by suggesting women leaders who can contribute to WLI programming

"My experience of having a mentor has been great. Joan and I are a great match, I think. I knew that Joan was not a speech pathologist, which worried me at first. But it really didn’t matter. Joan took interest in my education, friends, family, professional and personal goals. We had so much to talk about in emails and in person! She is so successful and was completely open to share her own experiences with me. I learned a lot about her business sense and other important decisions that I will need to make, regardless of my profession. Thanks for giving me the chance to get to know such a wonderful role model! "
- Katie Kovaly, WLI 2003-04


Abigail Diehl
Director, WLI


Donors may support

  • workshops & seminars to develop leadership capacity
  • field trips to observe leaders in action
  • mentorships with women leaders to develop professional relationships
    and networks
  • unrestricted giving to fund new or existing WLI programming
    as needed


Kathleen Rider
Director of Development

Development Office