The Student Experience


The WLI curriculum is organized around four main themes:

  1. Developing Knowledge of Self and Others
  2. Defining Leadership
  3. Developing Leadership Skills
  4. Practicing Leadership through Service

Student Experiences

WLI students participate in numerous experiences that help them to learn about themselves, gain awareness of leadership issues, and observe leadership in action. These experiences include:

  • Friday seminars and weekend workshops
  • Observations of and discussions about leadership in action
  • Readings and assignments that foster discussion, reflection, and interaction
  • Mentoring by women leaders
  • A service experience
  • A field trip to interact with leaders in various career fields
  • Other special events throughout the year, including orientation/retreat, Kickoff Dinner, and Celebration Luncheon

Student Outcomes

Upon completion of the Women's Leadership Initiative, students will:

  • Express a personal leadership philosophy
  • Begin to develop a personal leadership style
  • Be able to articulate and practice the key dimensions of leadership in diverse cultures and contexts
  • Maintain existing and initiate new networks with leaders
  • Engage in continuous learning and improvement
  • Be willing to develop and nurture future leaders