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Policy # : 03-03

Effective: December 1, 2003

Revised: March 27, 2006

Section: Operations and Services

Subject: Proper Use of CHHD Maintained Tech Facilities


To assure the safe and responsible use of meeting rooms controlled by the College of Health and Human Development (CHHD) in order to prevent theft, vandalism and misuse of the equipment contained in these rooms.

To assign responsibility for the safe and proper use of these facilities to a Responsible Individual (RI) who will be held accountable for any and all actions that occur while the activity they are holding is in progress.

To state our training/orientation activities for these facilities so the user understands their role in operating the equipment in these rooms.


All employees of CHHD who reserve the facilities.


It is assumed that anyone who reserves one of the following rooms will also accept responsibility for the safe and appropriate use of the equipment in the room. It is also assumed that the RI will assure that all equipment is turned off, returned to the proper storage area, the storage areas are locked and secure, and the doors and windows in the room are locked and secure prior to their departure. If they turn this responsibility over to another party, they must provide the name of the new RI to the scheduling authority for the room; otherwise, they are still on record as the RI.

The rooms addressed by this policy are:

  • East HHDEV, Room 101 (CHHDIRR)
  • East HHDEV, Room 102 (Nursing Distance Education Facility)
  • North HHDEV, Room 110 (The Living Center)
  • Mateer, Room 117 (Team Technology Center)
  • Noll Lab, Room 127 (Seminar Room)
  • Any new tech rooms as they come online

ISS conducts training classes as needed for RIs in Room 101 and Room 102 East Henderson only. We also offer a brief orientation to Room 110 North Henderson and Room 117 Mateer, if needed. You can contact ISS (865-INFO) to learn more about these classes and how they are scheduled. For questions about Room 127 Noll Lab, please call 865-3454.

Once an RI is trained in the operation of a room, they are responsible for the set up and tear down of the equipment. Because there may be other activities scheduled before yours, we cannot do a pre-setup prior to your event. We prefer that the equipment remain in the locked storage areas when not in use. Also, since there are a variety of ways to use these rooms, it is best if the RI pre-configures the room based on their needs.

If any equipment is vandalized or stolen during the time the RI has control of the room, it will be their responsibility to remedy the situation in a manner agreeable to the College.