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Policy # : 98-01

Effective: January 1, 1998

Revised: July 1, 2010

Section: Billing

Subject: Computing/Technology Fees

NOTE: Effective July 1, 2010, there will no longer be device based fees. The customary $201/year charge for a networked PC, and the $45/year charge for a non-networked PC have been discontinued. Details on free and for-fee services are listed below.


The Division of Information Systems and Services (ISS) is a service organization in the College of Health and Human Development (HHDEV). The services we provide to HHDEV's faculty, staff, and students and how the Units in the College are billed is detailed in this policy.


All faculty, staff and students in HHDEV who have computers or networked printers that are used either in their own office or in off-campus research sites. Our service area extends outside the Henderson Building Complex- including sites at Rec Hall, Mateer and other areas where HHDEV faculty and staff are located. We provide support for computers and printers that are connected to the network in the Henderson Building Complex and to those outside of Henderson which are connected to the Campus Backbone. We also support stand alone computers that are not on a network.


ISS is supported by monies from the Dean's Office and through departmental technology assessments. The services that are available from ISS and how our charges are formulated are explained below.


  • PC Installation
  • Installation and maintenance of network equipment
  • Software and hardware debug/repair
  • Software installation
  • Centralized virus protection
  • Checkout of loaner IT equipment
  • Provide network file space (S, T, and P drives)
  • Oracle calendar support
  • Support tech classrooms and meeting spaces
  • Establishing a website
  • Maintain and manage computer domain
  • Tech space design and installation
  • Student computing initiatives
  • Purchasing advice
  • General advice on any IT subject


This can be broken down into 4 areas:

  • Penn State Email Setup (IMAP and POP)
  • Penn State Calendar Synchronization
  • Penn State Wireless Setup (VPN and Wireless 2.0)
  • Training or hands on assistance lasting longer than 15 minutes
  • Configure a PC to be used in conjunction with a piece of lab equipment
  • Custom needs for a research project
  • Physical Server Housing- Onetime $633.22 then $106.19/month
  • Virtual Server Hosting- Onetime $245.72 then $102.30/month
  • Additional P and T space in GB increments
  • Consulting- $36.43/hour

More details on our fees and fee schedule can be found here.


ISS can also provide specialized training programs for individuals or groups on subjects like office productivity applications (Outlook, Excel), use of College specific IT resources, PC secuirty, etc. We will consider other jobs including custom programming, design assistance for technology classrooms, wireless computer facilities, etc. - just send us a request at (Note: Advice and initial consultation are free. Actual effort to complete may carry our normal hourly consulting rate of $36.43).