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Guidelines for inviting visitors to campus

Update June 28, 2021: Penn State has released updated guidance for visitors. Dean’s approval is no longer needed for campus visitors.

For the purposes of this guideline, visitors are defined as any non-Penn State employee or non-Penn State student, as well as Penn State employees or students based at campuses other than University Park, who are invited to an on-campus activity sponsored by HHD. These could include: guest speakers, event attendees, meeting participants, vendors doing estimates or certain repairs, prospective students and families, as well as consultants, collaborating researchers, research staff, or students visiting for the purposes of research collaboration.

Units, as well as individual faculty and staff, inviting visitors to campus must:

  • Provide visitors with the University’s acknowledgment of risk statement, which explains policies and expectations, including masking policies, for visitors on campus. A signature is not required. The statement can be physically handed to visitors or the statement itself, or link to the statement, can be sent via email in advance.


Other pandemic visitor guidelines no longer apply.