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Process for Research Groups to Request Access to Campus Facilities

Researchers who wish to return to or increase on-campus research activities must complete the HHD Return to Research survey. 

  • One survey should be submitted per research groups (labs, research teams, etc.), and not by individuals within a research group (i.e, one request per research group).

Researchers who are already approved through the above process, and who wish to request access for additional personnel, must complete the HHD Return to Research - Adding Personnel survey.

The HHD Research Ramp-up Committee will review requests, seeking additional information as needed.  The Committee is chaired by Kathryn Drager and includes Thomas Gould (BBH), A. Catherine Ross (NUTR), Martin Sliwinski (CHA), and Nancy Williams (KINES).

Priorities for allowances

  • Risk related to the spread of COVID-19
  • Requirements of the sponsor, i.e., the possibility of losing funds
  • Personnel who cannot work remotely who are at risk of loss of salary/furlough
  • Requirements for proximity relative to available space (ability of space to accommodate physical separation among personnel; requirement of 350 sq ft. per person currently)
  • Density of personnel in building/floor/hallway
  • Time sensitivity of research
  • Requirements for custodial or other non-research staff efforts (i.e., sanitizing workspace, disposal of hazardous waste, care of lab animals, safety inspections)

All research groups must submit the following before being approved to return to on-campus facilities:

  • Cleaning protocols, including plans for wiping down equipment, door handles, and any other frequently touched surfaces upon entry and exit
  • Communication plan with research team, as applicable 
  • Detailed schedule of personnel to access the on-campus facilities to achieve social distancing requirements, to be posted outside the door
  • Ramp-down plans
    • Each researcher must prepare a ramp-down plan detailing the process for stopping all on-campus research work in a safe manner. The plan should include procedures to shut down equipment, the number of people required to do so, and time needed to shut down.
    • If a ramp-down is needed that involves Environmental Health & Safety (e.g., a biological or wet lab), researchers should complete the EHS Laboratory Ramp Down Checklist.

HHD Research Ramp Up Committee makes recommendation and Dean Craig Newschaffer gives final approval.