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Step 1

Responsibility: Researcher

Researcher submits HHD Return to Research Survey. One survey should be submitted per research groups (labs, research teams, etc.), and not by individuals within a research group (i.e, one request per research group).

Step 2

Responsibility: College Research Ramp-up Committee

College Research Ramp-up Committee makes decisions on priorities for return to on-campus research (See Process for Research Groups to Request Access to Campus Facilities).

Step 3

Responsibility: College Research Office

College Research Office submits HHD Research plan and full roster to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research (OSVPR).

OSVPR approval of the plan and roster provides HHD with the authority to review and consider approval for HHD personnel to return to on-campus research activities.

Step 4

Responsibility: College Facilities

College Facilities submits the Office of the Physical Plant (OPP) Space Re-Occupancy Form on behalf of approved research groups.

This form provides OPP with the operational details of the research activities that have been approved to return to their on-campus facilities.

Step 5

Responsibility: College

Upon approval of the HHD Return to Research Plan from OSVPR and OPP for Re-Occupancy Plan, the College notifies research groups of decision on requests to return to on-campus research facilities.

Step 6

Responsibility: Researcher

Once notified of approval to return and under what conditions/schedule, researcher submits EHS Lab/Research checklist to

Step 7

Responsibility: Researcher

Researcher reviews the expectations and obligations of commencement of on-campus research activities and ensures that all members of the research group understand these expectations and obligations.

Step 8

Responsibility: Researcher

Once on campus, researcher verifies the presence of the COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Businesses flyer near the spaces that will be occupied; if a poster is not present, the researcher will print and post a copy in the workspace.

Note: HHD's Pandemic Safety Officer is Kevin Kelliher, 814-865-1426;; the manager should sign and date the bottom line.