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The following personnel do not need to follow the return to work on-campus process described here at this time:

  • Any member of the College community (faculty, staff, student) already approved to be working on campus as an essential employee or through the Return to Research process, can continue to work on campus for the approved amount of time per week without further approvals.
  • Employees who need to come on campus occasionally to get materials which will allow them to continue to work remotely. This may include, but is not limited to, checking the mail, picking up materials, dropping off materials, or other short-term task that can be done in a short visit to campus facilities and are not intended to be done routinely.
  • Employees who need to come on campus on an occasional basis to do a non-routine task which will not require on campus activity on an ongoing basis. For example, to check for information in paper files housed on campus, move offices, assist with the entry or departure of another employee, drop off or pick up materials for an event or task, etc.  

Research Related Requests:

  • Note that requests involving research are not covered by this procedure. Therefore, personnel whose requests to return to campus are related exclusively to the completion of research-related activities do not need to follow these procedures.
  • All requests to return to campus for research must be submitted and approved separately through the established Return to Research process.  Any individual or group returning to campus for tasks related to both research and other activities, will need to follow both the return to research process and also the process outlined here.