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As we phase back into research, and in accordance with recommendations from CDC, PA DOH and EHS, HHD will be tracking entry and exit to the building during at least the Yellow phases. This will allow us to gauge level of occupancy in different areas of our building and can inform efforts to protect the health of employees in the event of suspected or confirmed exposures.

To do this, you will need to complete a short online form each time you enter and exit an HHD building. To complete the form, you will have to be logged into your Penn State Access Account on Microsoft 365 (via two-factor authentication). 

Information collected includes: Name, building, entering or exiting and time.  Please note that the name and time are automatically added to the survey response when the “submit” button is clicked. 

Contact Tracing Impact
By collecting and archiving this building use data, we will be able to provide public health officials with an accurate record of building occupancy immediately upon request in the case of an outbreak or an exposure.

Information collected through the survey will be maintained by the Dean’s Office.  Data will be used in aggregate to track occupancy and individual information will only be shared if needed to inform a response to concerns over potential spread of infection.  When a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 is observed, survey information may be shared with other personnel and other units (e.g.: the relevant supervisor(s), the university emergency operations center, Occupational Medicine, Environmental Health and Safety, etc.) to enable the contact tracing procedures.  

If you have trouble accessing the survey, direct questions to Kevin Kelliher,