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Alumni Spotlight

Ashley Stoffa '17

Ashley Stoffa

“Could you imagine what life would be like if email had never been so widely distributed?” HDFS alumna Ashley Stoffa recently made this statement as she commented on the fact that not that long ago, email salespersons actually existed. Without email and without a salesperson to demonstrate and educate customers about email, businesses (and people) would not be as successful as they are today. Her position as Sales Executive with the global company Oracle provides companies with sales, consulting, education and support. Since graduation in 2017, she has progressed from Business Development Representative to National Sales Representative to Sales Executive in Pennsylvania. Ashley took this job because she knew this position would allow her to help people. And as every HDFS alumni would concur, helping people is the primary focus.

In her position, Ashley helps small organizations run efficiently. She assists with their sales, service, and marketing operations by improving efficiency and effectiveness. She enjoys working with small businesses because she has the opportunity to observe them succeed in reaching their own growth goals. She is responsible for maintaining her relationships with her customers by organizing sales visits and product demonstrations.

When not working closely with customers, Ashley enjoys baking (take a look at her creations on Instagram @cubiclesandcupcakes) and kickboxing, and in fact now instructs kickboxing classes. Thanks to a gift from her boyfriend, she took a class and fell in love with raising bonsai trees. Ashley is now a tree-whisperer to two bonsai trees: a Brush Cherry Tree and a Hawaiian Umbrella Tree.

Ashley urges current HDFS students to use the university’s career and networking resources. “Get to know your professors, network with businesses downtown, as well as with the recruiters at the career fairs.” Take full advantage of Career Services’ offerings by setting aside time every semester to meet with a career counselor. “That way you’ll be more prepared for life after State!”

Previous Alumni Spotlights

Jessie Rudi '08 icon-olus-circle

Jessie Rudi graduated with honors in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State in Spring, 2008. Jessie was invited to join the Schreyer Honor’s College during her sophomore year, which meant she had to complete a research project in lieu of a community internship.  She worked with Dr. Doug Coatsworth on his Strengthening Families Program Initiative, a pilot study evaluating a mindfulness-enhanced version of The Strengthening Families Program.  This experience taught Jessie the power of research for understanding, supporting, and advocating for individuals, families, and communities.

Fueled by her new passion for research and understanding family dynamics, Jessie went on to earn her master’s and doctorate degrees in Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota, under the mentorship of Dr. Jodi Dworkin. As a graduate student, Jessie discovered her knack and passion for statistics and quantitative methodology, and supported multiple projects aimed at better understanding technology use in families. After she graduated with her PhD, Jessie worked as a Research Associate in the same department for four years. In this role, she analyzed data and disseminated research findings about financial well-being among adolescents and emerging adults, as well as parent-child communication about financial matters.  She was also the evaluator for a Children, Youth, and Families At-Risk (CYFAR) project designed to improve nutrition, physical activity, and financial literacy among adolescents in Minnesota. She has published multiple studies in peer-reviewed journals spanning family science, youth development, media and technology, and financial well-being.

In July 2019, Jessie transitioned into a public service role as a Research & Data Analyst for Scott County, Minnesota.  In this position, Jessie supports the research and evaluation efforts for the Scott County Association for Leadership and Efficiency (SCALE), which works to ensure safe, healthy, and livable communities throughout the county. Jessie is excited to be using her human development and family studies background as well as her research skills in a community setting to encourage greater efficiencies and leadership in public service.

Her favorite Penn State memory as a student was witnessing how she and each of her siblings (her brothers and sister are also PSU alums!) navigated all the opportunities available to them at Penn State, and took their experiences to pursue vastly different careers (research, engineering, information sciences and technology, and business). Her advice for current students is to get to know folks who have careers they think they’d enjoy – and conduct informational interviews to learn about different career paths.  It’s a great way to network!

Devon Thomas '01 icon-olus-circle

Devon Thomas, who is not only an HDFS graduate (2001), but also worked as the Senior Academic Adviser in the Department for five years until 2018.  She was recognized multiple times with awards for her high-quality work, and students and colleagues alike were sad to see her leave.

 Devon currently serves as the Academic Adviser and Program Coordinator for Undergraduate Programs in Psychology at Drexel University, where she is responsible for the day-to-day operations relating to the Psychology major.  She works with undergraduate students on their educational planning, career discussions, and understanding of University policy/procedure.  Devon also manages the annual course offerings and adjunct faculty hiring/contracts, while working closely with the Program Director on program development.

Devon’s hobbies include music & theater, travel, and food, and we know that despite working at Drexel, she’s still a die-hard Penn State football fan.  She cites her most memorable moment at Penn State when she discovered HDFS as her academic home:

  “Having not met certain threshold criteria for a previous major, I was very upset the first day          of my sophomore year. Someone recommended I investigate HDFS by speaking with Pam                Evock (then the Senior Academic Adviser for the major).  Pam listened to me cry through my          story and then calmly told me why HDFS was a home for me.  Faculty, staff, and even my                  peers became family to me during the remainder of my undergraduate career.  It was not until      years later, when I was sitting with HDFS students as the Senior Academic Adviser, that I                    realized how pivotal that conversation was to my entire career trajectory.”

One piece of advice for current students?  Devon advises students to build networks through integrity and character, and at all costs, avoid burning bridges.  As people talk to other people, who talk to others still, opportunities present themselves because someone knows someone.  By making strong impressions of moral character and utmost integrity, you can be remembered when opportunities arise.  Employers and friends of employers also remember when bridges are burned, closing doors to opportunity.  She encourages students to always be genuine, and to be remembered for the right reasons.

Katie Kolbe-Holden '05 icon-olus-circle

Katie Kolbe-Holden is a 2005 graduate of the HDFS Department, currently living in Spring Mills, PA and working as a school psychologist in the Mifflin County School District. Her key responsibilities include conducting evaluations to determine eligibility for special education or gifted education services, planning interventions for students who are struggling, leading school mental health teams, and working with parents and community agencies to ensure student success.

Katie has had an interesting professional journey.  Originally from Philipsburg, PA, on the opposite, western edge of Centre County from where she now lives, Katie followed up her HDFS graduation by earning an M.Ed. in Counselor Education, with K-12 School Counselor Certification.  Living in Colorado and more recently New Hampshire, she worked in the field as a school counselor while completing her Psy.D. Degree in School Psychology, with K-12 School Psychologist Certification.  She returned to the State College area recently when she took a job as a School Psychologist in the Penn’s Valley Area School District. 

Besides her work in School Counseling and School Psychology, Katie’s previous experiences in the human service field include serving as a Therapeutic Support Staff, and teaching in a New Hampshire college. When asked about her favorite or best human service job, Katie stated, “My favorite jobs have been working in schools.  A school provides a rich array of experiences as I am working with students, parents, teachers, community agencies and many more stakeholders.  There is never a dull day and every day is different!”

Some of her passions include traveling, skiing, and continuing her education by always learning.  Her favorite Penn State memory?  Late nights with friends at the Deli!  Katie shared some advice for current students:  “Take advantage of all Penn State has to offer, research opportunities, networking, internships, externships, and world-renowned professors.  You will likely never be in a place like PSU again!”  Katie has followed her own advice in a way, reconnecting with her alma mater in the past year by serving as a panelist on an HDFS Career Panel last October, and agreeing to join the HDFS Affiliate Program Group (APG) Board beginning the summer of 2019.  We welcome Katie back with open arms, and hope you may cross paths with her in the near future.

Tyler A. Phenneger '99 icon-olus-circle

Tyler Phenneger is a 1999 graduate of the HDFS department.  He currently lives in Pittsburgh and works for Boston Scientific.  He has been with the company for over 10 years and currently holds the role of medical education project manager. He also works with online learning and digital resources.  When asked to describe what his major work responsibilities are, Tyler gave the following description, “I lead digital projects and education-based company initiatives. I will partner with institutions across the country to establish a consistent cadence of virtual peer-to-peer opportunities. Also, I will explore alternative methods of learning through virtual reality and other emerging platforms. Review and employ practical Learning Management Systems and tools.”

Other responsibilities at Boston Scientific include, overhauling Neuromodulation Learning Institute website, increasing user experience to be more intuitive.  He also has been tasked with monitoring an on-demand Video Library to be hosted through website and building the capability for live streaming of cases, lectures, symposiums and presentations. Finally, Tyler has been appointed as a Neuromod representative for Global Boston Scientific Medical Education task force.

Tyler has several interests outside of work which include cycling, hiking, cooking, music, and photography.  He also enjoys spending time with his dogs.

When asked about his favorite memories from his Penn State days, Tyler admitted there were too many to count.  One memory that really stood out for Tyler was, “The first days/week in Stuart Hall (East Halls) and the overwhelming feeling of complete independence and sharing those emotions with brand new people, from all over, who are still my closest PSU friends to this day.”

Finally, Tyler had some advice for current Penn State students.  “Read The Oz Principal by Roger Connors, Tom Smith, and Craig Hickman (1994) See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it”. In addition he added that one of his favorite quotes as words to live by is, “There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.”

Catherine Kuhns '11 icon-olus-circle

Catherine Kuhns ’11 HDFS is a in her fourth-year as a doctoral student at the University of Maryland in the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology. She is also a recipient of the College of Health and Human Development’s Emerging Professional – Undergraduate Degree in 2017.

Currently, Catherine is conducting research (writing, collecting/cleaning/analyzing data, coding) and writing her dissertation! She also manages undergraduate research assistants and mentors junior graduate students.

Her favorite Penn State memory is ringing the bell to celebrate the submission of her thesis to Schreyer Honors College! If she had one piece of advice for current students it would be, “Now’s the time to engage deeply with your coursework and figure out what you love. Ask questions of your professors and peers, spend time reflecting on what you enjoy, and find what makes you tick!”

Pamela Bocek Murphy '78 icon-olus-circle

"What I have learned in my 37-year career is that business, and life, is all about 'relationships'; develop them, nurture them, and choose them wisely."

As an undergraduate in the late 1970s, Pamela switched her major from Math to Human Development and Family Studies in order to develop a well-rounded background and to take advantage of the internship opportunities that the major provided. Her first job was as a customer service analyst and now, 37 years later, she is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Reynolds Consumer Products.

What drives Pamela’s success? Perhaps it’s this wisdom she shared in our interview, “…business, and life, is all about ‘relationships’; develop them, nurture them, and choose them wisely.”

Pamela enjoys her work at Reynolds where, “No two days are the same. I can be helping to introduce a new product, build a new warehouse, integrate a new company into my current company, or implement a system…” Pam spends most of her time at work problem-solving and leading cross-functional or cross-business units to achieve their designated goals.

For the past four years, Pamela Bocek Murphy has served as the communications chair for the HDFS Affiliate Program Group (HDFS APG) which is a professional association open to any HDFS alumni, student, or faculty. Under her careful management, the HDFS APG’s LinkedIn page has grown from a handful of members to more than 500 members.


Piraporn "Pin" Satjayakorn '18 icon-olus-circle

Piraporn Satjayakorn, or as her friends call her, “Pin,” who graduated in the summer of 2018.  Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, Pin double-majored in Human Development & Family Studies and Psychology.  Her passion for traveling brought her to Penn State, and her years in State College proved to be rewarding.

After graduation, Pin moved to Washington, DC to continue working at her internship site as a Registered Behavior Technician, using her skills and expertise to assist Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA).  Working with ABA programming, she created program materials and resources for various projects.  Her work included creating visual schedules, choice boards and sensory activities.  She also took on the role of Director for the company’s Dental Destination Program. This program supports individuals with developmental disabilities when they need to access dental care.

Pin is spending this summer in her homeland after this exciting and fulfilling year, and will return in the Fall to attend Columbia University’s Teacher’s College to obtain her Masters in School Psychology.  She seems to have found her calling.  Her love for music may quite possibly play a role in her work in the future as she is proficient in piano and guitar. She is also an avid participant in Muay Thai, or the Thai discipline of kickboxing.  She represented her Penn State Sorority by dancing in ‘THON and it warms her heart to help those in need.  She, in turn, was warmed by all those who supported her in this important event as well as throughout her time at Penn State.

Pin advises that students take advantage of all the Penn State has to offer by utilizing Career Services, the learning services, CAPS and other support services for all students. 

Laura Kovach '01 icon-olus-circle

This month we highlight Laura (Orndorff) Kovach, a 2001 graduate of HDFS. Her passion for women’s studies, social justice and equity has taken her on a road of challenges and turns that she couldn’t have expected, but maintaining that focus has been the key.  After almost 20 years since she walked the pathways at Penn State, this ’01 grad (HDFS, Women’s Studies) has taken on a new challenge as the Director of Prevention, Education and Training at the Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse in Rockville, MD.  She now supervises a group of educators and trainers in the antiviolence movement to continue her passion in this field.  Her career has been spent as an advocate, trainer, consultant and educator. 

While obtaining her master's degree at Penn State in 2007 in Higher Education and College Student Affairs, Laura worked as a consultant for the US Department of Justice.  She also participated in the Department’s 2016 Roundtable Dialogue on Addressing Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking in LGBT Communities on Campus.  In 2008, Laura continued her specialization in higher education by working as Director of the Women’s Center at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, for 10 years.  After this position, she served as the Assistant Director of Training and Program Development at Alteristic, a non-profit civic and social organization for the promotion of safety, respect and violence prevention strategies, until this past April.

Since 2011, she has also concurrently worked as an adjunct professor in Women’s and Gender Studies at Georgetown University, in Washington, DC, to educate others in her calling.  She specifically teaches courses in Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault: A US Perspective as well as introductory courses in Women’s and Gender Studies.  For the past two years, Laura has also worked with Rankin & Associates Consulting as a Title IX and Sexual Assault Consultant.  Her focus again is directed toward education as she acts as a facilitator for campus climate focus groups and provides expertise in her field.  She authored two literature reviews for multi-institutional studies regarding patterns of college student survivors of sexual assault for women of color, and also for queer and trans-spectrum students. Laura has also extended her skills and knowledge as a consultant and educator at the University of Scranton and American University.

Laura's husband, Ben, is also a PSU grad (’02 Architectural Engineering) and they were married on campus!  In her free time, she enjoys gardening and cooking, and thoroughly enjoys being a Mom to Xavier, age 10 and Ryder, age 6.  Laura’s advice for current students is to find a passion and follow the path, but expect that there will be turns along the way to allow you to grow and develop in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible!

Alumni Spotlight is a way for us to highlight the amazing things our HDFS alumni are doing! If you have a suggestion of someone we should recognize, please email