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Explore Health and Human Development

BBH Students in the Schreyer Honors College

How do basic biology and behavior intersect to affect health? This question serves as the basis for the research in the department, and honors students can play a significant role in understanding the underlying issues. More details can be found in the BBH Honors Thesis Guide (A Guide to Obtaining an Honors Degree in BBH) and answers to general questions can be found at the Schreyer Honors College website.

Gateway admissions for current (Sophomore/Junior) students

BBH accepts students in their sophomore and junior years through the Gateway program. See the Schreyer Honors College page for their requirements ( In addition to the requirements of the honors college, BBH requires that the applicant have a commitment from a faculty member to serve as a Thesis Supervisor. The commitment should be in the form of a letter of support to the honors adviser stating that, should the applicant be admitted, the faculty member would accept the role of supervisor. This requirement stems from the fact that many honors thesis projects require a year or more of effort before writing the thesis.