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Facilities Access Authorization Request Form – For access to laboratory facilities have the primary investigator fill in and sign as supervisor on this form. Student will also need to sign as requestor at bottom of form. Please email form to

Once permission is granted the new person will need to:

  1. Add a copy of their certificates for "Lab Safety Training" and "Bloodborne Pathogen Training" (if applicable) to the Laboratory Safety Plan in 146 HHD building
  2. Read the Unit Specific Plan
  3. Sign the acknowledgment of reading the Unit Specific Plan at the end

In the annual review at the beginning of every year, everyone will be required to reenter training records and sign the new Unit Specific Plan, regardless of when access was initially granted.

HHD Computer (Domain) Account – If you need to access the BCL computers and are not a member of the College of Health and Human Development, please contact ISS with this form filled.

Simple Cryobox grid and autopopulating roster – A printable cryobox grid that, when filled, will auto-populate a roster that can be sent to the BCL with samples. Alternatively, the roster can be filled directly as part of having samples “sample ready”.