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Multiplex is a style of immunoassay in which multiple analytes can be tested at the same time. This can create assays that are higher throughput, less costly, and offer more information from one sample than a typical immunoassay. Common panels exist for inflammation (e.g. IL-1b, IL-6, TNF-a), cardiovascular (e.g. CRP, SAA, VEGF), neurosciences (e.g. amyloid beta, tau, NGF), metabolism (e.g. glucagon, c-peptide, GLP-1), cancer (CD28, GITR, HGF), and various others.

The Biomarker Core Lab (BCL) multiplex division is well versed in the majority of multiplexing options being sold today. We have worked directly with Bio-Rad Bio-Plex kits, Millipore Milliplex kits, Invitrogen/ Life Technologies (now ThermoFisher) kits, and R&D Systems kits in both the polystyrene and magnetic bead assays. We have also worked extensively with Meso Scale Diagnostics (MSD) and their platform. We are capable of analysis in human and animal biological fluids and tissues down to the sub-picogram level. The list of analytes able to be tested is extensive and dependent on manufacturer and platform. Our current inventory includes all necessary equipment to run multiplex bead assays including pipettes, plate shakers, refrigerated centrifuge, plate magnet, vacuum manifold, BioTek plate washer, BioTek Precision, Luminex 200 reader, Meso Quickplex reader, and all general equipment listed for the BCL.

Bead platform (Luminex 200)
MSD platform (Meso Quickplex)