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In additon to the departmental required courses and electives the general requirements are based upon:

  1. a period of residence; within some twelve-month period during the interval between admission to candidacy and completion of the Ph.D. The candidate must spend at least two semesters (which may include the semester in which the candidacy examination is taken) as a registered full-time student engaged in academic work on the University Park campus (half-time graduate assistants taking 9-12 credits are considered full-time students). Full-time employees must be certified by the BB H program as devoting half-time or more to graduate studies and/or thesis research to meet the degree requirements.
  2. demonstrated of competence with regard to all program objectives (see pages 4 & 5), and maintenance of a least a 3.00 grade point average;
  3. demonstrated competence in the English language (including reading, writing, speaking and listening)
  4. demonstrated competence in professional communication skills in one of the following areas - (a) a foreign language, (b) computer science, (c) college teaching, or (d) logic or philosophy of science
  5. demonstrated commitment to and competence in professional and scientific ethics including: (a) professional standards of professional conduct, (b) integrity in research, (c) protection of human subjects and animals in research, and (d) responsibilities of scientists to the larger society.
  6. the passing of the comprehensive examination designed by the doctoral committee (written and oral);
  7. the writing of a satisfactory thesis (an independent, competent research and scholarship activity that makes a significant contribution); and
  8. satisfactory passing of the final oral examination (thesis or dissertation defense).

Specifically, the committee is charged by the graduate school to:

  1. establish the broad outline of the candidate's program and conduct reviews thereof;
  2. prepare, give and evaluate the candidate's comprehensive and oral examinations;
  3. supervise/approve the student's doctoral thesis;