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Dr. David Vandenbergh

David Vandenbergh

Office Phone: 814-863-8430
Lab Phone: 814-863-1325
FAX: 814-863-8429
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Graduate Student Researchers

Joseph Gyekis, Biobehavioral Health
Marc Dingman, Neuroscience

Undergraduate Student Researchers

Sumithra Jeganathan, Biology, 2011
Erin Lathrop, Biobehavioral Health, 2012
Michael Martin, Biobehavioral Health, 2010
Neeti Patel, Pre-medicine, 2013
Samir Patel, Biology, 2012
Aaron Rubenstein, Pre-Medicine, 2011

Former Graduate Students and their first job

Tara Kerin, MS in Biobehavioral Health, Research Associate at the Centers for Disease Control

Jennifer Foreman, Ph.D. in Genetics, Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Jeffery Peters, Penn State

Xiaopan Yao, Ph.D. in Genetics, Biostatistician at the Dana Farber Cancer Center, Harvard