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Research Mission

The overall research program of the Water and Health Lab is designed to understand cross-cultural variation in how humans meet their water needs across distinct ecological contexts and how this relates to both acute and long-term health, hydration status, nutritional status, stress, and disease risk. Our research examines how humans respond behaviorally and physiologically to varying degrees of water access and insecurity, nutritional and epidemiological transitions, changing environments and resources availability, and shifting socioeconomic circumstances. In particular, these issues are explored in the Bolivian Amazon among indigenous Tsimane’ forager-horticulturalists, in Kenya among Daasanach agro-pastoralists, and in the United States using complex survey data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) and field based projects.

The Water and Health Lab integrates quantitative and qualitative data and research methods from the fields of biology, biological and biocultural anthropology, epidemiology, nutritional sciences, and environmental health to explore the relationships among hydration strategies, hydration status, nutrition, health and diseases in these populations. Additionally, the lab is part of a cross-disciplinary consortium aimed at assessing household water insecurity cross-culturally: the Household Water Insecurity Experiences Scale (HWISE) consortium.

Current Projects

  • Hydration status projects
  • Water insecurity and links to health outcomes, stress, disease, and hydration
  • Exploration of trust related to tap water
  • Use of biomarkers in field studies

Director, Asher Y. Rosinger, Ph.D.

Consider Joining Dr. Rosinger's Lab

  • Prospective Graduate Students: We are accepting applications for a PhD student to start in 2019, email a CV and inquiry to if interested. 5 years of funding available.
  • Undergraduate Research Assistants: We are always looking for talented undergraduates to join the lab. Students have the opportunity to work in the lab as volunteers, for research credit, or for Honor’s Theses projects/credit. If interested please email Dr. Rosinger ( with prior experience, any relevant coursework, GPA. An estimate of how much time you are willing to commit, and why the Water and Health Lab is a good fit for you.