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Equipment (See Guidelines below for a more complete list)

  • Public Address System with handheld and wireless lavaliere microphone. Both wired and wireless microphones are available on the Podium
  • Mixer to blend various sound sources- Microphones and PC
  • Sony HD laser projector
  • Podium with Windows computer on College network
  • Audio and video connections at podium (15pin VGA, 1/8" audio plug) for visitor's laptop
  • PTZ Camera for Webinar sessions
  • Ceiling mounted microphones for Webinar sessions


A Dell desktop computer is connected to the college network. You will need some form of Penn State Access Account in order to use the computer. A laptop can be connected to the PA and projector. Apple users make sure you can connect to a standard 15 pin VGA connector, 1/8" audio plug. Laptops must make use of PSU Wireless if Internet access is required.


Scheduling of the Living Center is done at Please specify what type of seating arrangement you would like and how many chairs are needed. The seating arrangements you can choose from are seminar, meeting and large group gathering.


Please plan to pick up the keys to the Living Center Monday - Friday between 8:00am and 4:00pm in 5 Henderson Building. Two keys are needed. One is the room door key and the other is the Podium lock key. You will need access to the Podim if using the wireless microphone or playing a DVD via the computer.

Questions and Helpful Guidelines on Use

If you need technical assistance for an event please address your needs to If you experience problems with the technology during the event please call ISS at 865-INFO. Please consult the following documents for helpful tips is using this room:

IT Guidelines for 110 Hend

Administrative Guidelines for 110 Hend