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The Center for Student Advising and Engagement serves as a central location for all things academic to support students, families, alumni, faculty and staff at all Penn State campuses.


The Center for Student Advising and Engagement is committed to assisting undergraduate students interested in The College of Health and Human Development with exploring educational opportunities and developing decision-making skills that will contribute to their academic, career, and life goals. The center provides support to all undergraduate students by helping them identify their individual needs, and connecting them to university resources.


  • Empowering students with information for academically successful decision-making
  • Helping all students transition to the college and university
  • Fostering the academic advising relationship between students and advisers
  • Promoting awareness and utilization of university resources
  • Assisting students with interpreting policies and procedures
  • Participating with and representing the college at events for prospective students
  • Intervening as an additional resource for students at risk

HHD Undergraduate Adviser and Student Handbook

The College of Health and Human Development's Undergraduate Adviser and Student Handbook is an online publication designed for use by the academic advising community and undergraduate students across all Penn State campuses. The handbook is an advising resource and one of the essential tools used to help students explore the College’s undergraduate academic programs of study. It provides advising information regarding academic policies and procedures, Recommended Academic Plans by major/option, and a college-wide directory of contact information.