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CHCPR faculty and staff have extensive experience in qualitative data collection and analysis. The team is comprised of individuals with training in qualitative protocol development, interview and focus group administration, qualitative coding, and various methods of systematic qualitative analysis.

Qualitative Data Collection Services:

  • Develop key informant interview protocols
  • Schedule and conduct telephone and in-person key informant interviews; our team has scheduled and conducted more than 1,000 key informant interviews
  • Track and monitor project activities, collect documentation data and maintain extensive information databases to inform project research and evaluation
  • Manage digital voice audio files and transcripts, including coordination with transcription firms
  • Develop codebooks and code data using popular qualitative software packages
  • Analysis of qualitative data using various techniques

Documentation Collection and Tracking Data

Most health services research evaluations require a critical understanding of the importance of context, particularly at the local market and community levels. CHCPR staff are experienced in collecting this information at baseline and tracking important contextual information, as well as details of program implementation activities, in an effort to characterize the nature and scope of the intervention related to specific health programs.

Qualitative Research Trainings

Our staff can provide training in data collection techniques and analytic methods, including conducting key informant interviews and focus groups. Contact us to learn more.