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ISS is now the sole purchasing authority for IT Property for HHD. Users desiring to purchase hardware or software must speak to an ISS IT Consultant before making any purchases. Our Consultants will assist with the purchasing decision and will then, in collaboration with the user, execute the purchase and charge the purchase to the user's budget. See the FAQ for more information on this new direction for HHD.


Computers suchs as: desktops, laptops and tablets. Printers, scanners, and disk drives. Projectors, TVs, Monitors, A/V Systems, and Video Conference Systems. All equipment purchased will be tagged and entered into the ISS assest management database. Info in this database will be shared as needed with department and centers in HHD.


All software must be purchased by ISS. ISS enters details on software purchased into the ISS software management database. This info will then be used to make sure all software in use in HHD is properly licensed and its use conforms to the vendor's EULA. Info in this database will be shared as needed with the departments and centers in HHD and the College's Finance Office.

Common Software Packages

ISS Consultants

Johnny Himes,, 863-0757

Matt Harter,, 863-7239

Johnny and Matt provides general IT consulting for all of our service areas. Research Consulting for the College is provided by Chris Greiner,, 865-5935