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A. Catherine Ross
A. Catharine Ross
Professor of Nutrition and Physiology
Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair
Department Head
Summary Statement

Vitamin A/retinoid metabolism; hepatic retinoid function and gene expression; Vitamin A in infection and immunity; Vitamin A and lung development in neonatal period.

  • Nutritional Sciences - NUTR
  • Administration
  • Graduate Program
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  • Ph.D., Cornell University, 1976
Currently Accepting Graduate Students
Office Address
204 Chandlee Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
Professional Credentials


Grants and Research Projects
  • Hepatic lipid metabolism and gene expression
  • Vitamin A in infection and immunity
  • Retinoid kinetics in neonates
  • Rubin LP, Ross AC, Stephensen CB, Bohn T, Tanumihardjo SA. Metabolic effects of inflammation on vitamin A and carotenoids in humans and animal models. Adv. Nutr. Mar 15;8(2): 197-212, 2017.
  • Huang K-H, Hao L, Smith PB, Rogers CJ, Patterson AD, Ross AC. Lipid emulsion and voluntary exercise reduce lipogenesis and ameliorate early-stage hepatic steatosis in high carbohydrate diet-fed mice. J. Nutr., 147: 746-753, 2017.
  • Hodges JK, Libo Tan L, Green MH, Ross AC. Vitamin A supplementation redirects the flow of chylomicron retinyl esters from peripheral to central organs in neonatal rats raised under vitamin A-marginal conditions. Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 105: 1110-1121, 2017.
  • Rasmussen KL, Whaley SE, Pérez-Escamilla R, Ross AC, Baker SS, Hatfield T, Latulippe ME. New opportunities for breastfeeding promotion and support in WIC: Review of WIC food packages, improving balance and choice. J. Nutr. Educ. Behav. 49(752): S197-S201, 2017.
  • Ross, AC. Impact of chronic and acute inflammation on extra- and intracellular iron homeostasis. NIH symposium supplement paper, Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 106 (Suppl 6): 1581S-1587S, 2017.
  • Hodges JK, Tan L, Green MH, Ross AC. Supplementation with vitamin A and retinoic acid as compared to vitamin A alone is more potent at increasing the uptake of retinol into extrahepatic tissues of neonatal rats raised under vitamin A-marginal conditions. Curr. Devel. Nutr. September 2017, 1 (9) e000265.
Additional Information

Courses Taught

  • NUTR 502, Regulation of Nutrient Metabolism II (Micronutrients)
  • NUTR 508, Critical Readings in Molecular Nutrition