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Ashley Medina
Ashley Medina
Graduate Program Specialist
Summary Statement

Provides support to the Graduate Programs and Graduate Professor-in-Charge. Helps coordinate undergraduate professional experience and can answer questions regarding form submission and documentation. Also coordinates facilities needs and/or requests to OPP.

  • Hospitality Management - HM/SHM
  • Graduate Program
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  • B.A., Political Science, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
  • B.A., Communication Studies/Political Rhetoric , Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
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Office Address
201K Mateer Building
School of Hospitality Management
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

College of Health & Human Development, The Graduate School

  • Graduate Program Specialist
  • 1,000 Hours & 492 Undergraduate Program Assistant
  • OPP / Facilities Contact
Additional Information

Safe Zone member, Penn State University