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Neil Sharkey
Neil A. Sharkey
Professor of Kinesiology, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, and Vice President for Research
  • Kinesiology - KINES
  • Ph.D., 1994, Pathology/Physiology, University of California at Davis
Office Address
304 Old Main
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802
  • Skeletal Tissue Mechanics
  • Foot and Ankle Biomechanics
  • Locomotion and Gait
Grants and Research Projects

Dr. Sharkey’s research is aimed at advancing orthopaedic medicine through improved understanding, better diagnosis and more efficacious surgical procedures. Work is focused on functional aspects of the musculoskeletal system, including normal, pathologic, and reconstructed bones and joints; mechanisms of injury; internal biomechanical behavior of the foot and ankle; skeletal tissue mechanics, and determinants of bone health over the lifespan.

  • Kirane, Y.M., Lewis, G.S., Sharkey, N.A., Armstrong, A.: Mechanical characteristics of a novel posterior-step prosthesis for biconcave glenoid defects. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, 21(1):105-115, 2012.

  • Lang, D.H., Conroy, D.E., Lionikas, A., Mack, H.A., Larsson, L., Vogler, G.P., Vandenbergh, D.J., Blizard, DA., McClearn, G.E., Sharkey, N.A.: Bone, muscle and physical activity: structural equation modeling of relationships and genetic influence with age. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 24(9): 1608-1617, 2009.

  • Kirane, Y.M., Michelson, J.D., Sharkey, N.A.: Contribution of the flexor hallucis longus to loading of the first metatarsal and first metarsophalangeal joint. Foot and Ankle International 29(4):367-377, 2008. J. Leonard Goldner Award 2007.

  • Michelson, J., Hamel, A.J., Buczek, F.L., Sharkey, N.A.: Kinematic behavior of the ankle following malleolar fracture and repair in a high fidelity cadaver model. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 84-A:2029-2037, 2002.

  • Donahue, S.W. and Sharkey, N.A.: Strains in the metatarsals during the stance phase of gait: implications for stress fractures. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 81-A(9):1236-1244, 1999.

  • Sharkey, N.A., Donahue, S.W., Ferris, L.: Biomechanical consequences of plantar fascial release or rupture during gait: Part II. Alterations in forefoot loading. Foot and Ankle International 20(2):86-96, 1999.

  • Sharkey, N.A., Donahue, S.W., Smith, T.S., Bay, B.K., Marder, R.A.: Patellar strain and patellofemoral contact after bone-patellar tendon-bone harvest for ACL reconstruction. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 78(3): 256-263, 1997.

  • Sharkey, N.A., Marder, R.A.: The rotator cuff opposes superior translation of the humeral head. American Journal of Sports Medicine 23(3):270-275, 1995.