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CSD undergraduate students who have concerns about a grade received in a course should follow the basic steps below as well as read the University Policy for guidance on grade mediation.

  1. The student should first make an appointment with the instructor of the course to discuss the disagreement in the grade assignment.
  2. If a resolution cannot be made, or if the student is not comfortable speaking with the instructor in person, the student may request a meeting with Diane L. Williams, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, Professor and Department Head in CSD. After speaking with the student and consulting the instructor, Dr. Williams will offer a resolution.
  3. If no resolution is reached after steps 1 and 2, the student may request a meeting with Dennis G. Shea, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Outreach in the College of HHD. The associate dean will review the student's request and proceed following the guidelines from the G-10: Grade Mediation and Adjudication Procedure.

Students are advised to read the University Policy to ensure they fully understand the procedure prior to addressing their concerns. These policies are available on the Faculty Senate website under Students | Policies and Rules for Undergraduate Students | 47-20 Basis for Grades. See policies: G-10 Grade Mediation and Adjudication Procedure.