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Donald M. and Virginia Miller Cook Endowment for Teaching Excellence

Christopher Bopp, kinesiology instructor and director of the Center for Fitness and Wellness (CFW), received support from the Donald M. and Virginia Miller Cook Endowment for Teaching Excellence. He will use the funds to expand his skillset through additional training and certification, which will enhance his classroom teaching and allow him to stay relevant in the health and wellness fields.

In 2014, 26 percent of Pennsylvanians reported no participation in physical activity outside their regular jobs. Additionally, 40 to 45 percent of Penn State undergraduates tested at the CFW over the 2015-16 academic year reported participating in no exercise or physical activity over the past six months.

“Exercise and physical activity are complicated behaviors. The majority of Americans are sedentary or insufficiently active,” Bopp said. “The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has expanded the scope of practice for exercise professionals to include behavioral counseling techniques.”

Bopp plans to use the funds to complete the Core Coach Training program and attain the Health and Wellness Coach Certification from Wellcoaches, a certification endorsed by the ACSM.

“With this training and certification I will be able to integrate these techniques into my lectures on exercise prescription for clients with many medical conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and dyslipidemia,” Bopp said. “Certified coaches can also offer specialized training in these techniques to our undergraduates to prepare them for certification and eventual employment in health and wellness coaching jobs.”