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Explore Health and Human Development

The College of Health and Human Development Research Office staff provide information, guidance in preparation of external research proposals, and management of external research awards.

MyResearch Portal

MyResearch Portal – Provides Principal Investigators with real-time, web-based access to administrative data associated with their sponsored research. Must have PSU secure token in order to log on (used for grade submissions).

Travel Safety Network

Global Penn State Travel Safety Network – Welcome to the Travel Registry, part of the Penn State Travel Safety Network.

SciVal easy access to research institutions

SciVal is a system that allows users to visualize and benchmark institutional research performance, identify and develop collaborative partnerships, and analyze research trends.


Assists with identifying funding sources:

Prepares all sponsored funding budgets with researcher’s input.

Fills in budget and general University/College information on proposal documents.

Assists with Matching/Cost Share requests from the Department/Center, College and University.

Officially submits all proposals for sponsored funding requests

  • the research office has signatory authority for all proposals
  • complete proposal is to be in the hands of the Research Office 5 days before the due date

Assists with IRB/IACUC questions/problems.

Prepares sub-award documentation.

Initiates Internal Approval Form (IAF) for approval by Investigators and Department Head/Center Directors.

Negotiates awards with the Office of Sponsored Programs, Sponsor, and Faculty.

Processes budget revisions for internal IBIS accounting system and Sponsor.

Processes all salary distributions for all faculty/staff paid from sponsored funds.

Manages special invoicing when sponsor requires additional information or special forms outside of the standard Penn State Invoice.

Requests No-Cost-Extensions as needed.

Closes-out awards with the Sponsor and Research Accounting.


Funding Matrix – Policy created to clarify the nature of gifts for research, unrestricted grants, and research grants and contracts for research, instruction, and outreach. PSU Policy RAG04

CHHD Research and Graduate Education web site has information to help you with your proposal submission and award management including:

  • Grant Submission Requirements
  • Federal Regulation/Penn State Policies and Procedures
  • College Policies and Procedures
  • Research Workshops and Video Presentations

General University Reference Utility Manual (GURU)

Office of Research Protections (ORP) – Partners with researchers and seven University review committees to facilitate a culture of outstanding integrity, responsibility, and trust in Penn State Research

Federal Regulations/Penn State Policies and Procedures

College Policies and Procedures

NSF Policies