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Please Note: ISS no longer offers one-on-one or group training programs. Some of the topics that have been covered in the past are listed here with links below for self-service:

  • Use of tech rooms including video conference equipment and WebKits
  • Orientation to webinar programs like Zoom
  • How to use PSU supplied file storage space (Pass and Box)
  • Working with Spirion (formally known as Identity Finder)

Please call or email us with any questions.


An all-in-one kit in a bag that you can use to hold a webinar with any computer (computer not supplied). You can reserve a web kit by emailing

Zoom Video Conference Info

Zoom is a video conference software used for webinars. It is an extremely easy tool to use and people love it. Try Zoom now!

Video: How to set up a meeting space

How to Enroll in Two-Factor Authentication

Here is a short video that shows you how to enroll your smartphone in two-factor authentication.

Smartphone Instructions

Smartphone/Tablet (Instructions when using a QR Code)

Landline Phone Instructions

Mobile Phone Instructions( a non-smartphone that doesn't enable you to download and install apps)

Tablet Instructions

Token Instructions

How to Manage Existing Devices and Enroll Multiple Devices in Duo

Box Cloud Storage

Personal PASS Space Directions

Please check out the FAQ

Directions: Manually Mapping your PASS Space on your computer

Directions: Manually Mapping your PASS Spac on your Mac Computer

Need to purchase more PASS Space? Click here for details.

Form for purchasing more space. Select "Change disk allocation of previously requested service."

PASS Space Mobile App

User Managed Groups (Project or Department PASS space directions)

Directions for User Managed Groups (UMGs)

Video: Getting started with Project or Department space

Video: How to add a person to your Project or Department space

Video: How to create a new group

Directions for Manually Mapping your Project Space (PC)

Directions for making permission changes to folders in your Project Space

Directions for creating a new group in PASS Space

Directions for adding new people to PASS Space

Directions for using the VPN and Mapping your Department/Project Space (working from home)


Please email Charles Halcomb (crh17) for a Qualtrics license or other information about using Qualtrics.

Video: How to enter the license into Qualtrics

Get help online by using Qualtrics Support.

Check out the Online Trainings and On-Demand Webinars that Qualtrics offers