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Student perspective

“This scholarship reminds me that people out there are supporting me and my desire to bring about tangible change in health care. I know it is a privilege, and I really appreciate it. By getting the right education and the right background and experiences, I will be able to accomplish my goals. There is nothing holding me back.”
Manny Houndo, HPA and Music
Barbara Howell Raphael Trustee Scholarship
“Receiving a grant to be able to do research with Project Siesta has allowed me to take what I’ve learned as an HDFS student and apply it in a rigorous, yet enlightening setting. Through my research, I’ve been able to narrow down what field I want to pursue in my graduate studies. Earning additional awards for my academic success has validated that I am where I should be. It’s also taken financial burden away, allowing me to focus more on my studies. I would not have been able to be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the support from the college and generous donors.”
Ellie Segan, HDFS
Geraghty Family Award

Faculty Perspective

“I am privileged to hold the Marriott Professorship. This generous gift has enabled me to conduct research that enhances the reputation of the school of Hospitality Management at Penn State, locally, nationally and internationally. Moreover, the Marriott endowment funds have helped my graduate students to gain access to consumer panels and to attend service-specific conferences.”
Anna S. Mattila, Marriott Professor of Lodging Management
Professor-in-Charge of Graduate Programs; Director of Services Research Network
School of Hospitality Management