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Bart Bartlett



Bart Bartlett has a unique vantage point as associate director and professor in charge of the undergraduate program for the School of Hospitality Management.

As a professor of introductory courses, Bartlett is with first-year students as their eyes are opened to the possibilities within the hospitality industry. As a professor of Advanced Professional Seminar in Hospitality Management, Bartlett watches as upper classman accept positions in the industry while preparing for graduation.

“It’s fun to watch students grow,” Bartlett said. “I see them transition from being new at the University and the industry to more mature and prepared young people who are ready to tackle the challenges of the industry and be successful.”

In his thirty-fourth year at Penn State, engaging with undergraduate students continues to be the best part of Bartlett’s career.

“It’s the energy. They’re working to understand the industry and discover their passion, and I hope to help them succeed by giving them the skills and the perspective they need to be successful with their career,” said Bartlett, ’75 FSHA. “The part of the job I like the most is working with undergraduate students. They’re excited; they’re enthusiastic, and in the hospitality field all of that energy and personality are a requirement for success.”



Bartlett has made a lasting impact on many students, including William Yahr, who graduated in 2001 and is now hotel manager of The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove in Miami, Florida.

“Bart was an incredible professor who knows how to reach his audience,” Yahr said. “I was enrolled in his HRIM 365, Organizational Behavior, and the only reason I remember that more than fifteen years later is because I was so engaged by his teaching. He taught life lessons that were not always found in the book, which allowed me to learn more. To this day, if I would ever go back to school, I would sign up for any class that he taught.”

Yahr remains in contact with Bartlett more than a decade after graduation, viewing him as a “sounding board” for his career path.

“He is a mentor to many in and out of school, a true testament to him and our wonderful school,” Yahr said.

In the end, Bartlett hopes his students take away two key qualities: a love for Penn State and the ability to be successful in the hospitality industry.

“I believe that our school’s success is measured by our students' successes, so when our students are successful, all of our faculty and staff members are able to bask in their reflected glory,” Bartlett said.