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Power Management

We are taking an aggressive approach to reducing our carbon footprint. The amount of energy used by PCs in our College, when they are sitting idle, is what we are targeting. We will be modifying the power settings of some PCs after consulting with the user on their schedules and how they make use of their PCs.

We will be placing PCs in a sleep mode as part of this effort. If you need to access a sleeping PC from a remote location please review our article How to Wake Your HHD Computer.

Users should review the document "User Decided Power Management Program" located here. This document will help users decide how to set their power management settings.

Disposal of eWaste

Rechargeable batteries are now being collected at drop off boxes on campus. One location is the Hub. You can take your old batteries there for disposal.

Other eWaste, like old ZIP drives, floppies, inkjet printers, power supplies, cables, etc can be processed through Lion Surplus. If they will not accept your items call 865-4371 and ask for Glenn Fagley. We appreciate your help in keeping our landfills ***clean***!