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Go & Do……….Listen & Learn……….Inspire & Lead

The Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) prepares a select group of academically talented and highly motivated students for future leadership in areas related to global health, human development, and sustainability.

GLI is more than a course. Participating in the GLI will provide a cohort of about 15 students to explore what it means to engage in leadership to address some of the world’s most pressing human, social and environmental issues.

Students will have a chance to enhance their leadership skills and global awareness through experiences abroad and in-class learning, and by communicating with previous GLI students and sharing international experiences with other students.

This program is open to undergraduate students in each academic program of the College of Health and Human Development and the College of Nursing. The GLI is led by a director and is assisted by a Global Leadership Faculty Advisory Committee, which is selected by the dean.

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Benefits to Students

  • Become exposed to new ideas, and be challenged to think more deeply about how you interact with others from different nations and different cultures.
  • Capitalize on an international experience (including study abroad).
  • Become part of an extended network of peers to contribute to future generations of world leaders.
  • Think more deeply about what it means to be a global leader.

What past GLI students have said...

"I have traveled overseas before, but the experience changed drastically after joining the GLI. It mentally prepared me to get the most out of my international experience last summer in Vietnam and Cambodia.

I loved connecting with faculty, peers, and alumni who are equally passionate about global leadership.

With interests spanning over many majors in the college of Health and Human Development, the meetings were both informative and inspiring."

- Gail Goochee

"The GLI enhanced my study abroad experience before, during, and even after I got back. It helped me to prepare and really critically think about what going abroad means and what I wanted to get out of my experience."

- Alyssa Kalter

"Participating in the GLI program prepared me with the tools necessary to be able to fully submerse myself in a new culture."

- Jennifer Petitt