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Here is a list of items to check/do prior to and throughout your final academic semester at Penn State:

  • Review your academic record to be sure you have completed all academic graduation requirements. Contact your academic adviser if you have questions.
  • Set your intent-to-graduate indicator on LionPATH prior to the semester deadline.
  • Go to, click on graduation and read all instructions.
  • Check your LionPATH account for last minute holds and take the necessary steps to remove them from your account.
  • Review your semester bill to be sure you are paid in full.
  • Return all library books.
  • Do not get an on-campus parking ticket (may cause a hold to be placed on your student account and diploma).
  • Update your address and telephone information with Penn State.
  • Use your LionPATH account to print unofficial transcripts, academic documents (for major GPA calculation) and other pertinent information for future use.
  • Get general letters of recommendation from faculty and others to be used as needed throughout the job or school search.

If you have borrowed student loans, complete your on-line exit interview at

  • Know who owns your student loans and how much you have borrowed from each lender.

    You can check federal loan information at

    Your private loan information will not be included at the above web site.

  • Update your new address and telephone information with all lenders.
  • Understand the consequences of default and learn about loan consolidation at