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Career Planning for HDFS

Academic and career planning go hand in hand. Your courses can help you explore careers and build marketable skills. There are many ways to add hands-on experiences to your education. So we have combined information on academic planning with information on career planning.

Use the resources in this section to:

Learn how to build an integrated academic and career plan that mixes career exploration, course work and hands-on experiences. This section includes a sample academic plan highlighting all the places you can specialize your degree to explore careers and build your skills. It also provides details about the various ways to:

  • Plan your courses to explore careers and build your skills.
    This section shows you how to use your general education requirements, HDFS electives, and supporting courses in your major to build skills and knowledge that will help you explore your interests, develop skills, and learn knowledge that will prepare you for careers.
  • Complement your course work with hands-on experiences to explore your interests, develop your skills, and build your resume.
    Students in HDFS gain hands on experiences through a range of for-credit and community experiences. For credit experiences include working as research and teaching assistants, taking hands-on practicum courses, and doing internships. Additional experiences such as extracurricular activities, volunteer positions, and part-time or summer jobs round out most students’ career development.

Need help?

  • We have excellent academic advisers in HDFS. Learn about the academic advising in HDFS and schedule an appointment with one of our advisers. All HDFS majors should meet with an HDFS adviser at least once a semester to build a strong academic and career plan.
  • Because career exploration and planning are new to many students, we have put together general information on career exploration and planning to help you get started.
  • To learn about specific careers that HDFS majors often pursue, visit Career Paths for HDFS Majors.

Additional Resources

Career Services offers individual career planning appointments, workshops, resources, and events.