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Many HDFS majors are interested in exploring health-related careers. Students can combine their interest in helping people with medical training or providing support in a medical setting. Many of these careers require taking specific science and health-related courses or meeting premed requirements. Speak directly with departments on campus, credentialing agencies, or graduate schools to be sure you are completing all required courses and experiences. If you are interested in health careers, explore the requirements as early as possible.

To understand how to prepare for these careers through HDFS, use the links:

Courses of interest

Hands-on opportunities

A range of careers are available for students interested in health-related careers. Below are links to national information about different careers in health care, health administration, and health education. Use these pages to learn about the job duties, salaries, educational requirements, and more for each listed career.

NOTE: Some of these links go to password protected pages.

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