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Students with strong quantitative skills who love HDFS 312W may want to consider a career in research. Penn State is a world-class research institution and professors in the HDFS department are engaged in outstanding research on many topics. If you are interested in a research career, this department can prepare you extremely well.

If you are interested in research, you should consider the Life Span Developmental Science option of the major, as this provides many more opportunities to participate in research.

To understand how to prepare for these careers through HDFS, use these links:

Courses of interest

Hands-on opportunities

There are many good jobs in research. It is often possible to get an entry level position straight out of college, particularly if you have worked on a research project as an undergraduate and if you have taken some statistics courses. Below there are links to national information about different careers in research. Use these pages to learn about the job duties, salaries, educational requirements, and more for each listed career.

Some of these links go to password protected pages. The password is available on the Career Services website (UserName: 1484w, Password: future).

In addition to these careers, many people with research experience work at large research institutes. Explore the work being done at organizations like: