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Many HDFS students are interested in careers that involve teaching and education. HDFS students work in child care centers, youth service organizations, and adult education. They can work for America Reads or enter programs like Teach for America. To teach in the public schools requires state certification. Students in HDFS can go on to graduate programs in education to become certified public school teachers.

Teaching in public schools requires certification. Be sure to explore the certification requirements in the state you want to teach in as they can differ across states. If you are interested in becoming a public school teacher, be sure to refer to the College of Education about certification requirements.

Learn about our dual-degree program in HDFS and Pre-K-4 Education. You can combine your love of HDFS with a degree in education and work toward certification.

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To understand how to prepare for these careers through HDFS, use these links:

Courses of interest

Hands-on opportunities

Career Links for Teaching and Education

Below are links to national information about a range of careers that are available for students interested in teaching and education. Use these pages to learn about the job duties, salaries, educational requirements, and more for each listed career. The jobs near the top of the list are often available to students without a bachelor’s degree. Working in these fields during the summer or school year may help you decide if you want to pursue a teaching career. Jobs listed closer to the bottom of the list often require certification and/or graduate degrees. Click on the links below to learn more about the positions that interest you.

NOTE: Some of these links go to password protected pages (for access, use UserName: 1484w, Password: future).