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The ability to experience hands-on opportunities outside the classroom helps students not only grow through education, but to understand their passions and interests to the fullest.

Opportunities with On-campus Groups and in the Community

The Penn State Eberly College of Science has a web site with lists of on-campus clubs, hands-on experiences, and other exciting opportunities for students interested in health-related careers.

Opportunities for Credit

Many health initiatives are global. In addition to exploring the Global Health minor, students may be interested in the Global Leadership Initiative, which provides opportunities to develop leadership related to global health, human development, and sustainability. It includes an international travel component. Applications are due during the spring of the sophomore year.

Relevant research projects

Penn State is a world-class research institution. Some of the studies that you learn about in your classes are being done right here, and you can be part of them. Working on a research project is also a great way to get to know a professor and get a strong reference. Volunteer to work on a research project in HDFS or in another department that has a strong health-related component.

Available HDFS research projects change all the time. Also, contact other departments to learn about their research opportunities.

Students enroll for 1 – 3 credits of HDFS 496 after they have been accepted as an RA for a specific research project in HDFS. Other departments may give out research credit through their department. Talk with advisers about where those credits might fit into your degree audit.