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Explore Health and Human Development

Offered by the College of Health and Human Development and through the World Campus.

Coordinator: Devon Thomas
119 HHD Building
University Park, PA 16802

University Faculty Senate Approved Curriculum
2EHFS A D A Degree Audit
2EHFS C Y F Degree Audit

Program Description

This major, offered through the World Campus and at many Penn State campuses (Altoona, Delaware County, Dubois, Fayette, Harrisburg, Mont Alto, Shenango Valley, Worthington Scranton, University Park and York), integrates practical and academic experiences to provide the student with entry-level professional competence in the human service field. The objective of the major is to offer a general education background, a knowledge base in life span and family development, and a core of professional skills that may be applied in program planning and service delivery activities.

There are 2 options from which students can choose to concentrate their studies: Adult Development and Aging Services and Children, Youth and Family Services. Those who complete the 60-credit requirement and graduate with the Human Development and Family Studies (2EHFS) associate degree may apply most of those credits toward the Human Development and Family Studies 4-year degree.

Career Opportunities for 2EHFS — Adult Development and Aging Services Option:

This option is designed to prepare students for a wide variety of service roles in mental health facilities, nursing homes, and other institutions for the aged; area agencies on aging; public welfare and family service agencies; women's resource centers; human relations programs; employee assistance programs; and customer services and consumer relations programs in business and industry. An approved field experience in any of a wide variety of settings that serve adults, the aged, and their families, is required for this option.

Career Opportunities for 2EHFS — Children, Youth and Family Services Option:

This option is designed to prepare students for service roles in preschools; day-care centers; hospitals; institutional and community programs for emotionally disturbed, abused, or neglected children and adolescents as well as a variety of public welfare and family service agencies. An approved field experience in a children, youth, or family services setting is required for this option.

The 2-year HD FS degree is offered via the World Campus and University Park as 2EHFS. It also is offered by Altoona as 2FSAL, by Harrisburg as 2FACA, and by the Penn State campuses listed below as 2FSCC. For more information about the program at each campus and through the World Campus, please contact the following:

Lori Bechtell

Bill Mahar


Gordon Nelson

Other campuses:
Delaware: Cynthia Lightfoot
Dubois: Sally Horsey
Fayette: John Rapano
Mont Alto: Jacqueline Schwab
Shenango Valley: Wendy Middlemiss
Worthington Scranton: H. Durell Johnson
York: Harriet Darling

World Campus and UP:
Phone: 814-863-5386


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