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Undergraduate Students

  • Alice Gordon Peterson Trustee Scholarship
  • Christopher Warren Barnes Endowment
  • Delpha E. Wiesendanger Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Helen E. Bell Trustee Scholarship
  • Edith M., Marion E., and Ralph E. Johnson Memorial Award
    Application and/or nomination required.
  • Ellen M. Stuart Memorial Award
  • Elwood W. and Ruth Lewis Trustee Scholarship
  • General Federation of Women's Clubs Pennsylvania Scholarship
  • Karen Christine Smith Memorial Trustee Scholarship
  • Karen Louise Weber Scholarship
  • Lydia A. Gerhardt Child Development Memorial Scholarship
  • Mark A. and Kathryn Snyder Klins Scholarship
  • Mary Burket Morrow Scholarship
  • Menges Trustee Scholarship
  • Nancy Saylor Gamble and Glenn W. Gamble Scholarship
  • Remmey Family Trustee Scholarship
  • Suzann Andrews Tedesco Award
    Application and/or nomination required.
  • Vincent Anthony Ragosta Mentoring Award
    Application and/or nomination required.

Graduate Students

  • Donald H. Ford Doctoral Student Professional Development Endowment
  • Grace M. Henderson Graduate Scholarship


You may also wish to view the list of scholarships available to all students in the College of Health and Human Development (regardless of degree program) and visit the Health and Human Development Scholarship home page.