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Many graduate students and post-doctoral scholars have worked in the Infant and Child Temperament Lab since its inception in 1987. Below you can find updates on past members of the lab.

Graduate Students

Julia M. Braungart-Rieker, Ph.D. Julie graduated from HDFS in 1992 is now an Associate Professor of Psychology at Notre Dame University. Julie continues to study infants and has begun to focus on the development of siblings within a family. Julie and her husband Joe have a son named Ryan and a daughter named Megan.

Margaret Fish, Ph.D. Margaret graduated in 1990 with a Ph.D. in Human Development. After graduation she returned to West Virginia to join her husband at Marshall University where she was a Clinical Associate Professor. Margaret has retired with her husband to the forests of Northern, CA.

Tracy Spinrad, Ph.D. Tracy is an Associate Professor in Family and Human Development at Arizona State University after doing a post-doctoral fellowship with Nancy Eisenberg. Tracy resides in the Phoenix area with her husband and two sons.

Sam Putnam, Ph.D. Sam graduated in 1999 with a Ph.D. in Human Development. Following graduation, he relocated to Universiyy of Oregon with his family where he worked on a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Mary Rothbart. Sam, his wife, and two daughters are now living in Maine, as Sam is now an Professor of Psychology at Bowdoin College.

Laudan Jahromi, Ph.D. Laudii graduated in 2004 with a Ph.D. in Human Development. Following graduation, she relocated to UCLA where she worked on a post-doctoral fellowship. Laudii was an Assistant Professor in Family and Human Development at Arizona State Univerity and is now an Associate Professor of Psychology and Education at Teacher's College Columbia Univeristy. She, her husband Chris, and their two children live in the suburbs of New York City.

Nissa Towe-Goodman, Ph.D. Nissa earned her doctorate in Human Development in 2010. She returned to North Carolina with her husband, Ben, to do a postdoc with Dr. Adrian Angold and Dr. Helen Egger at Duke University’s Center for Developmental Epidemiology. She is now Assistant Director of the Center for Developmental Sciences Observes.

Kristin Voegtline, Ph.D. Kristin graduated in 2010. She is currently a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Population, Family, and Reproductive Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Elizabeth Cipriano, Ph.D. Liz earned her Ph.D. in 2010. She went on to do a postdoc with Elizabeth Skowron after which she moved to California with her husband, John, and her beautiful little girl. Liz was an instructor for Penn State’s World Campus. She is currently part-time faculty at Walden University.

Jessica Dollar, Ph.D. Jessica earned her degree from HDFS in 2011. She is currently at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro where she is a postdoctoral fellow with Susan Calkins.


Anne Conway, Ph.D. Anne completed her Early Childhood Mental Health Post-doctoral Fellowship in 2006. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Columbia University’s School of Social Work.

Amy Kennedy, Ph.D. Amy completed her Post-doc in the Infant and Child Temperamenta Lab in 2006. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Child Development and Family Studies Department at West Virginia University.

Diane Lickenbrock, Ph.D. Diane was our most recent postdoctoral scholar. She left in 2012 to join the Psychological Sciences faculty at Western Kentucky University as an Assistant Professor.