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The Carol Clark Ford Staff Achievement Award recognizes outstanding achievement by a staff, clerical, or technical service employee of the College of Health and Human Development who “makes it easier for others to accomplish their objectives effectively and efficiently.”


The award honors a person who creates conditions that facilitate, assist, provide opportunity for, and make it easier for others to effectively and efficiently accomplish their objectives. The public honors received by faculty and administrators are a function of the skilled and dedicated behind-the-scenes efforts of their supporting staff. This award honors the staff of the College of Health and Human Development whose day-to-day work keeps it running effectively, makes efficient use of resources, protects the time and energy of the faculty and administration, and facilitates the effective accomplishment of scholarly and educational functions.


Any staff, clerical, or technical service employee of the College of Health and Human Development or any such person assigned from another University unit to serve the College of Health and Human Development may receive this award. The individual:

  • demonstrates excellence in his/her professional performance;
  • is dedicated to facilitating the effectiveness of the College and displays a caring, professional style;
  • contributes innovative solutions to problem solving;
  • gives constructive suggestions to improving the work of his/her program and the faculty, administrators, and students he/she serves; and
  • symbolizes values towards which the College is directed.

Nominating Procedure

Any employee of the College or University, students, alumni, or emeritus faculty or administrators may nominate.

The nomination shall consist of the following:

  1. A resume or vita
  2. One comprehensive letter of support, with three signatures, that details how the candidate meets the award criteria.


Selection will be made by a committee that is chaired by the Senior Associate Dean, a Director or Department Head appointed by the Dean of the College of Health and Human Development, Chair of the Faculty Council, the most recent recipient of the award, and a graduate or undergraduate student.


The recipient will receive a monetary award and a plaque.


The nomination period is open until May 31.

Submittal Process

Completed nomination packets can be submitted by one of these three ways:

  1. Mail:
    Lindsey Zapletal
    Alumni Relations
    College of Health and Human Development
    325 HHD Building
    University Park, PA 16802-6501
  2. Email:
    Lindsey Zapletal at LMZ13@PSU.EDU
  3. Online:
    Carol Clark Ford Staff Achievement Award nomination
Past Recipients icon-olus-circle

Dawn Nelson, HDFS

Courtney Wozetek, CSD


Deanna Gray, HDFS

Rhonda Spychalski, Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Outreach

2016 V. Diane Collins, Alumni and College Relations
Leigh Ayn McNelis, Kinesiology
2015 Darla Housemen, RPTM/PGM
Tina Meyers, The Methodology Center
2014 Jodi Heaton, BBH
Brenda Oberlin, HM
2013 Julie Brenneman, NUTR
Kelly Confer, Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center
2012 Carol Walizer, CSD
2011 Mary Jo Spicer, HDFS
2010 Michelle Ilgen, KINES
2009 Lisa Grove, BBH
2008 Mary Jo Luebbers, Prevention Research Center
2007 Edith Rose Allison, HPA/CHCPR
2006 Amy Mitchell, KINES
2005 Abby Diehl, Dean's Office
2004 Marianne Kuhns, Dean's Office
2003 Dawn Driver, HR&RM
2002 Jerome "Boe" Itinger, Dean's Office
2001 Donna Ballock, HDFS
2000 Linda Duerr, Child Development Laboratory
1999 Cleo Campbell, HDFS
1998 Sharon Houser, HR&RM
1997 Alice Saxion, HDFS
1996 Joy Lose, CMDIS
1995 Martha Starling, Dean's Office/Development
1994 Norma Woika, NUTR
1993 T.J. Winand, Dean's Office
1992 Richard Erwin, Dean's Office
1991 Rhoda Williams, HR&RM
1990 Dawn Harpster, Copy Center